Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mod 6: Spatial Enhancement

This week's assignment was spatial enhancement. I was given a Landsat image that had striping. This is a rare image problem where data is not recorded properly and the image has stripes in it. I used the Fourier Analysis to reduce the striping and then used Convolution Filtering the sharpen the image. Here is the final result:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Report Week for Mountain Top Removal Assignment

This was the final week for our Mountain Top Removal assignment. MTR is a form of strip mining where the tops of mountains are removed to get to coal rich seams closer to the surface. The process has damaging effects to the environment such as loss of habitat and build up of silt in rivers to name a few. This project was interesting because it required us to work in groups. Individually we prepared maps by processing Landsat Images. We then combined them to form a single map of a larger area. It showed that a group can accomplish more together than a single person working solo. Here is a link to my personal map that was later compiled with the group map Here is a link to our compiled map Lastly, we published storyboards on ESRI, here is mine

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mod 5a: Intro to ERDAS

This week we were introduced to ERDAS Imagine. We were given a simple exercise to use ERDAS to preprocess an image so we could finish the image in ArcGIS. First, I opened an image in ERDAS viewer and set my raster options. Next, I added a column in the attribute table to calculate the area of each attribute. Lastly, I opened my image in ArcGIS to finish the map and add a legend that showed the area of each attribute. Here is the final map.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mod 2: Mountain Top Removal, Analyze Week

This week was the second week of the Mountain Top Removal (MTR) exercise where we needed to reclassify a Landsat image to create a raster that shows only the areas where  MTR is taking place. This week is interesting because we are now split up into groups and each person in the group takes a single Landsat image as their own and no one in the class will be doing the same work. Another interesting event is I used ERDAS for the first time, completely different from ArcGIS.

The first item I need to do was to take a 7 band Landsat image and produce a single multi-band image in ArcGIS. Next, I opened that image in ERDAS to perform an unsupervised classification. Manually class 50 classes into MTR areas and nonMTR areas. The outcome was an image consisting of only 2 colors. The last step was to take the new image and use ArcGIS to reclassify the raster so as to only show the MTR areas. Here is a screen shot of the final raster in ArcGIS.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mod 4: Ground Truthing and Accuracy Assessment

This week's assignment was on ground truthing and accuracy assessment. Ground Truthing is the process of verifying that a mapped area was classified properly from its initial coding from remote sensing. This week we built on last weeks maps that were created to classify an area around Pascagoula, MS. I created random points using the create random points tool in ArcGIS and then used Google Maps Street View to verify that the random sample points matched the classifications of the initial Land Cover Land Use map. The new points on the map show which sample points I got correct (green)  and which I got wrong (red). Here is the final map:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Mod 2: Mountain Top Removal

This is the prepare week of the Mountain Top Removal (MTR) assignment. We are looking at the impact of MTR used in coal mining in Kentucky. I Prepared data for further analysis by creating a basemap. We were given 4 DEMs and a study area. First I created a Mosaic from the DEMs. The mosaic was then processed to find river basins and rivers. Here is an image of  my basemap, it is not flashy but contains the essential data for further analysis.

This week we were also required to create a story map of the Six Stages of MTR and start a map journal for the report week. Here is the link to Six Stages of MTR. Here is a link to my Map Journal. My journal is not complete, this is just a format for what is to come. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mod 3: Land Use Land Cover

This week we were tasked to label an image with the LULC codes to describe how the Earth's surface is being used use or is covered. We were given an image and were required to categorize the areas on it. here is the map that I produced, it is self explanatory.